* This is clearly a spoof on The Julie/Julia Project. All the quilts below, however, are the real deal.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cue Sound Effects...

Bang Bang Bang

WHiirrrrrrrrrrr Clunk!
zeh saw zehsaw

Bang Bang Bang

There! One simple binary change and I give myself an additional 12 months to complete this "challenge".

Wonder where I went? Yeah, I know the feeling. But back I am and with it, I bring 2 completed quilt-tops.

This is the Blue Gold quilt and I finished it in November, I think. After I had competed the last block, I was eager to see what it would end up looking like. I was concerned that any outer border was going to work against or not hold up against the boldness of those blocks but as I restricted myself to using what I had in my stash, this is the one I went with.

Now that several months have passed and I have distanced myself considerably, I can look at it and feel over-all: Pleased. I will choose backing fabric at the shop Thursday and flip it on the machine for quilting.

Now I have also finished the Christmas fabric quilt but cannot find the photo in my harddrive ... check back later for a shot.

At the moment, I am assembling the Red White and Blue and this one will have only a single outer border and no cornerstones. The Dark Blue sashing really sets off the blocks. It is simple and will be heavily quilted.

I have had to buy more fabric to finish the Oriental. I needed a fabric for the outer borders and sashing. Again, the blocks are all so different yet "asian", I could not not find a fabric to tie it all together and it just didn't exist in the stash.

After that, I will return to the final two, the Brights. I still have 6 blocks each to make for them and lots of fabric to choose from so I want a real clear head and workspace before I tackle that. They are so loud and busy I doubt whoever ends up with them will get any peaceful rest under them.

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