* This is clearly a spoof on The Julie/Julia Project. All the quilts below, however, are the real deal.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Last Block on Last BOMb

It has finally come to pass..... two days ago, I had four blocks left to go on the last Leslie BOMb..... so I arranged all the remaining fabrics in a pile:

and carefully chose the ones I'd use for each block. Variety and enough fabric were crucial elements and although it LOOKS like lots of fabric, in truth I had only so much of each color.

After choosing, cutting and sewing the other three, I am now down to the final one:

and have such a small amount of brights left over. So, although I failed in the quest to complete them all in that one year, I have (almost) made a series, learned the Y-seam technique, put a serious dent in the stash and had one heck of good time in the process!

Not bad at all..... now to do the quilting.

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