* This is clearly a spoof on The Julie/Julia Project. All the quilts below, however, are the real deal.

Friday, July 30, 2010

A Few Thoughts

Okay we are now coming to where life gets challenging..... starting next month (next block) we will mess with the pattern to simplify things.

It is here that I took my long pause in working on this project back in May. We have a small farm and the vegebeds took me away from focusing like a laser (ha!) on this endeavour. I had made the one back in February and thought at the time... "hey, you better make that huge center square before you use up all the big chunks of fabric you have to work with!"

That was a wise decision. And I made all 6 of them before I picked up the Courthouse again in early May and finished another one, the RedWhiteandBlues. I thought, as long as I have the fabric out, let me just focus on finishing the whole quilt. So I did BUT that was not how I intended to work though the "project". The idea was to make a series, the same block many time over to learn the intricacies of each well.

The thing is, with me, as time goes by, I tend to forget things. I mean to write them down and am so easily distracted, I forget....oh LOOK ! a PONY!

That was when I saw the film Julie/Julia and the brain-storm of this blog came to me and I took pictures as I worked through the third one. I thought, if I write it as a blog, I will have the whole thing to print out for my file. That was pretty smart.

The block is fun to make because you have to think..... When you make it, try to block out a good chunk of time to devote to it. You don't want to cut it out and have to stop to fix dinner or drop the car off at the shop.

For one thing, it has lots of pieces and Y-seams to deal with. You will need space as well as time to lay it all out before you start sewing. If you mess up and sew something in the wrong place, you will have to unsew and you don't want to go there!

Try to get good contrast when you choose your fabrics and watch out for directional fabrics...(you'll see in the next post) because that will mess up the look badly. (again, you can be a good example or a terrible warning for others. I tend to be both in this case)

As I have only made 3 out of 6, I will join you now and complete the second half. This is true as well to the remaining 6 blocks in the BOMb. All of the RedWhiteandBlues, the Oriental and the Christmas blocks are complete.

So I will wait a few more days before I post those shots. Hopefully I will have the other 3 completed by then.

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