* This is clearly a spoof on The Julie/Julia Project. All the quilts below, however, are the real deal.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

It Starts

The Problem: One person's stash of fabric, out of control and totally unrestrained.

The Challenge: To take charge of the chaos and make 6 beautiful quilts in one year.

The TaskMasters: Shall remain faceless until they allow otherwise.

The Contender: whacked-out over-achiever, by day. Passed-out snorer by night. Too silly for reading, too young for grandchildren (heeh) and too disorganized for much of anything else, Chris Teague was looking for a challenge. And with the TaskMaster and the Fabric Project she found it.

Risking her life's savings of textiles, she signed up for the deranged assignment

365 days. 78 quilt blocks sewn to 6 queen-sized quilts AND QUILTED (I might add!) One stressed woman living in God's Gift to Mankind (aka SELA)

How far will it go? She can only sew. and sew. and sew. and sew.

The Fabric Project: Coming to a ...... well, you're here! Let's get busy!

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