* This is clearly a spoof on The Julie/Julia Project. All the quilts below, however, are the real deal.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Variations on a Theme

As I finished those first two blocks, I looked around and (could not help but) noticed I had lots of fabric scraps. I thought, "Hey you..... didn't you say, let's use up some stash fabric?"

This could use up even MORE stash! so why not keep going?

I have a large box of Red/White/Blues, for the Quilts of Valor projects. Here's that one (I like this one the best)

And ORIENTALS!!! I have lots of small bits of this and it's going to make a great quilt.
I think it's all the texture and movement I like...

Have to get Sweden represented: Blue and Gold
(I have 2 (!) boxes of this stash) (Shhhhh.. don't tell anyone!)

And as I have lots of brights, I went with a second Bright theme.

So now you see madness manifesting itself. But even as I write this, I know I have 3 nearly completed quilts lurking around and a real dent in the stash.


  1. Very nice and I love the colors and fabrics you chose! I will be back to visit!

  2. Thank you! Welcome to the blog....